First post

What was the most interesting thing you did this week?

I set up two blogs:  This one, a blog about reading and writing; and a travel photography one: Bellus Mundus.

This blog is a space for some of my creative writing ideas.  The other blog is a place to put my holiday snapshots.  Writing is my passion;  travel my obsession.

That’s the most interesting thing that happened to me this week.  What about you?..



6 thoughts on “First post

  1. I attended some really interesting training on marketing a library service using social media. (I should pass my notes on to you! Not that you need them, I’m sure.) It was all about developing clear strategies and making careful plans whilst keeping your target audience in mind. Lots of food for thought!

    • Thanks for stopping by and telling me your interesting thing Philippa. Sounds like a good conference, not that you needed it. The library tweets, blog and fb page were already awesome 😉

  2. Returned to work after a lovely trip to Rome over Easter. Amazing city, an incredible sight around every corner. Put it on your list of ‘places to see’ (I’m sure it’s on there, anyway)

  3. Friday I managed to use some of my training as a First Aider! I had a call that someone had fallen and taking the first aid kit popped along to check them out. They had fallen down some stairs and cut their leg, so I dressed it and left them tidied up and ready to go home and rest. The most excitement I’ve had in a long time in work!

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