Getting organized. Day one

Today I have decided to finally get all my writing together.  I have lots of little ‘bits’ here and there, but hardly any finished pieces.  Part of the problem is that I’ll start writing something and save it to USB memory stick in a clearly labelled folder, then I’ll try to finish it when I don’t have that stick so I’ll save it on a different one, or save it to documents.  I might have another idea for the same project when I’m out and about so I’ll save it on my phone.  Sometimes I’ll think of more to add to it when I’m in work or when I’ve just woken up so I’ll grab a bit of paper and jot it down.  I like to do research when I’m in the middle of a story, to ensure I’m getting all my facts straight.  When making notes from books, journals or online I quite often like to use OneNote.  I’m hard on myself for not finishing work that I’ve started, and worked so hard on; but the real problem is that I don’t put everything together.  I’m sure I do have ‘almost finished’ pieces – the components of which have just never met each other.

This is going to change…

First, I bought (another) 16GB USB stick. Then I put it on my keyring so I’ll always  have it to hand.  Next, I will have to add any notes I made on paper, phone, OneNote etc. to my stick, THE SAME DAY.  In the meantime I will be transferring everything I’ve done so far onto this new shiny stick.  I’m already organized within all my memory sticks: I have folders within folder, categories and sub-categories, clear headings, research separated from original work, every draft numbered etc.  The hard part will be the transferring.  Word docs and emails will be easy.  But typing up my scribbled notes  – that will be time consuming…


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