Getting Organized day 10

For over a week I have been transferring files and typing up notes, a little each day.  I am still a long way away from finishing.  I am sticking to the plan by typing up any notes I made earlier that day, before moving on to attempting those long forgotten notes that amount to years and years of writing.  I have emailed myself most of the work that I’d done on my phone and tranferred that onto my stick.  The  top drawer of my bedside table is full of notes I wrote just before going to sleep, or first thing after waking up (usually detailing a strange dream).  I have typed up about half of these now, but I know there is still a bag that is stuffed with paper with ideas from years ago that I still want to develop.  Not to mention the locked metal box on top  my wardrobe, and an envelope in another drawer, and forgotten bits of paper in handbags and coat pockets.   This is going to be one long job, but I’m looking forward to the day all my writing is together so I can work on completing something. Once that happens all this will be worth it. 😉


One thought on “Getting Organized day 10

  1. It’s really exciting, finding all your bits of long forgotten ideas! It may be a long job – but it’s going to be a very interesting one 🙂

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