Getting Organized. Day 21. Phase two.

Yesterday I found a little note book full of short stories I wrote a few years ago.

The day before I found ten purple document wallets in a box, each with a label such as; “poetry”,” notes for ‘Berthe’ story”, “notes for ‘Garden’ short story”… etc. Each contained handwritten notes on paper, backs of envelopes, space on leaflets; anything I could get my hands on, I guess.  (I was more prolific in my late teens and early twenties than I realized!)  This was obviously an earlier attempt to get organized which I boxed up and abandoned.

It was not a bad idea though.  My current plan of typing everything up and organizing into folders on my new USB stick is still working, but it means spending more time cataloging  and sorting old material than working on completing something.  By sorting my handwritten notes into clearly labelled purple document wallets first, it means I can type up all the notes from one project at a time, thus allowing me to finish something, and stay on top of my ‘getting organized’ project.

There were a few short stories in my small notebook, most of them completed in a rough draft.  I picked one and typed it up yesterday and made a few changes.  It just needs a few more re-writes before I’ll be happy with it, but it’s well on its way to being a finished story.  Finally.


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