Finding Time to Read – Part Two

A while a go I wrote a post about reading too many books at the same time.   This read-one-book-at-a-time project was to finish the books sooner, as well as allowing myself to become fully engrossed in one book.  It seems to make more sense but it’s not working for me.

Today I bought a new book for the kindle and even though I was already reading one I couldn’t not start my new one.  I’m also reading one physical book in bed and a different one for downstairs – the very thing I didn’t want to do.  Working in a library doesn’t help because I’ll see something interesting on the shelves, and that will be my lunchtime reading instead of the book I brought in to read.  Thank goodness I’m on annual leave right now or I’d also be reading the Patrick Ness book I recently purchased for the Junior Fiction collection!

Project result: Epic failure.


6 thoughts on “Finding Time to Read – Part Two

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  2. I think this is the trick. Books are so immense in their worlds that you cannot be in all those you wish to be in. It’s just one at a time. However, it would not be fair to read several books at the same time because you deprive yourself of the joy of concentrating on the one book that should have given you lots more emotions but ultimately didn’t because ‘you were in a rush’. Hope I made my point 😉

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