Do you have any books in this library?

Working in a library sometimes has its advantages.

For instance, yesterday I spotted an interesting looking book on the shelves.  It wasn’t the type of book I would think to look for.  Nor was it the type of book I would stumble upon accidentally if I was browsing the shelves for something to read – after all  what would I be doing in the comparative psychology section? (not being a student or graduate of psychology, I mean).  Working in the library means that I do have to go to the comparative psychology section from time to time (Dewey Decimal number 156 if you were wondering!) and also the public administration section (351.1), the Celtic languages section (491.6), the geology of Great Britain section (554.1) and the history of Belarus section (947.8).  What this means is that I continuously stumble upon fascinating books I would not otherwise be anywhere near.

Going back to the book I found yesterday – I flicked through the pages, became intrigued so I issued it out to myself.  I took it home and began to read.

Today I rushed out of the house for work forgetting to take this book with me (I usually read a book during my breaks).   Here is the second reason working in the library is great: WE HAVE MORE COPIES!  Being an academic library for a university, we have multiple copies of any title on reading lists, or titles that are recommended for students in general (such as Writing your Dissertation: How to Plan, Prepare and Present Successful Work – 808.066).  So come break time I simply wandered up to the comparative psychology section and continued to read. Marvelous!

(We couldn’t have done it without the use of mechanical reproduction  – so thank you modernity!)

Not the actual book title!! No, this is not part of the library stock 😉


4 thoughts on “Do you have any books in this library?

  1. What a wonderful perk of your job! One of the things I love about writing or reading in a library is that wherever I find a spot to sit in, I always end up looking at the books directly around me and, like you in this instance, finding books I wouldn’t normally find or be naturally drawn to.

    • It’s amazing what you can find in a library sometimes! I once found a book on the Japanese abacus – and it was actually very interesting. I think I am the only person to borrow it though! I try to use the themed book displays to show case books like this; books no one thinks to look for. Sometime it works too! 😉

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